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SF Quakes win 4-2 vs. Puckheads
It was late and we had just 9 skaters, but we were hungry for the win and worked hard to get it, beating the Puckheads 4-2.

The game started out slow and looked like we'd own the game, especially after Ike scored on a rebound from Kiki's shot, but the Puckheads answered that one and then scored another. It wasn't until late in the 2nd period that Carl popped in a rebound from a shot from the point to tie it up. At 2-2 we felt much more assured of a win, until the penalties started piling up. We faced 2 sessions of 5 on 3 and a few 5 on 4s. Proudly, we survived each PK without giving up a goal. In period 3 we ruled. It wasn't easy, but we stayed tough and hungry, shutting the Puckheads down and scoring 2 more goals. The first was a sweet shot from the point by Blake that whizzed past the goalie, the second was a super beauty by Kiki as he drove hard end to end, right up to the goal, fighting Puckheads all the way, and then drawing the goalie across the crease and taking aim and placing the shot. It made a Captain proud. The whole team made me proud. It was a well earned win.

Come out and cheer on your San Francisco Earthquakes at the Yerba Buena Ice Rink. It's BYOB, but please be discreet.

- 4 IN THE BOX -

At the recent Silver Quakes game in Oakland, four players found themselves in the penalty box vs the Sar Dogs.


Sept 21st, 2005 -Just about nine months ago, an awkward office party turned into something magical. Yes, the loving, if not drunken, union of the SFQuakes and the Quakes Deux has created a bouncing bundle of joy. Sure, the labor was tough, but man that hookup was so worth it. Damn.
     What did they name this new addition to the Earthquakes hockey family? SilverQuakes! Tom got voted down. As did Phineas and Jane. Yeah, like they couldn't take a break from thinking about themselves for a second and maybe reach out to a fellow teammate and name their firstborn after my great-grandmother. Selfish bastards.
SilverQuakes will debut in the Oakland Silver B league with their first game being played on Oct. 16th, 2005. No doubt the stands will be packed. Here's hoping the little nugget gets raised right and has the eyes of his mother and the hairline of his father.


     The Earthquakes have been working hard this spring. Working hard to make hockey in the Bay Area even better. How did we do that? Well, we added yet ANOTHER hockey team to our hockey family. We've now got THREE TEAMS playing in the Bay Area. That's quite an accomplishment. And we're excited about it. So check out the new lineup...

     Playing in the Oakland Bronze Division at the Oakland Ice Center, this is our team geared to those of ALL abilities. Having been around for three seasons, this team is full of veterans but welcome everyone. The Deux are a magical group of folks whose passion for hockey runs deep. Want to have fun on the ice with a great group of hockey players of all skill levels? Then this team is for you! Contact He's the captain. He can tell you everything you need to know.

     The team that started it all almost eight years ago. These folks play in the "D" Division of the Adult Hockey League at the Yerba Buena Ice Rink. Sure it's the "D" Division out of A-D, but that doesn't mean it's not competitive. The pace is quicker, it's a bit more physical (no checking as are all the teams), the puck handling is more advance and there are some slap shots that you want to get out of the way for! Email mike @ He's our captain. Spots on this team open up infrequently, but let us know if you're interested. We'll keep you on the list for sure!

     The new kid on the block. The Silver Quakes will be playing in, yup you guessed it, the Silver "B" Division at the Oakland Ice Center. These folks skate hard, shoot hard, and play fast. The team is made up of skaters who played in college or have been playing hockey for years and years. A few of these players hit the ice over in San Fran with the Earthquakes too. It's for the intense hockey player who can't get enough ice time and who knows the sport inside and out. Email Marcus at cus @ for the scoop.

     So there you have it, our three hockey teams. It's an exciting time for us - starting another team and all. It's also exciting that we get to introduce hockey to even more people in the Bay Area. So no matter what your skill level is or what your knowledge level is, hopefully we'll have a team for you. To either rplay on, sub in, or come watch. Feel free to contact us at quakes @ for general questions. We'd love to hear from you. Hope to see you on the ice, in the stands, or in our inbox soon.


   This Saturday, August 6th, from 3pm-7pm there will be a little Earthquakes Beer/Soda Bust at the famed Lone Star Saloon.
     For a mere 8$, you can have all the beer and soda you can drink. Talk about a deal.
     But, more importantly, you'll be supporting a great cause, your local friendly gay ice hockey teams. Help us cover costs of practices, tournament travel, and such things. Can you think of a better cause? I don't think so. Well, maybe famine in Africa, but let's stick close to home this weekend.
     So stop by the Lone Star, hang out with the team, have a few drinks (or many many drinks), and just enjoy the day.
the Lone Star is located on Harrison St. between 9th and 10th, right down from The Stud. Look for the gold star on the black building. And it has a great back patio too. Nothing like having a few drinks al fresca


    Rearrange the letters in "The Earthquakes" and you get....

     "That Queer Shake
     "Hath Queer Skate?"

     Are you kidding me? No. I'm serious.


June 26th, 2005 - The Earthquakes Hockey Club rocked San Francisco's Pride celebration more than En Vogue. Say it's not so? Oh, it's so.
    Sunday started out with the Quakes representing in the Pride Parade down Market Street. It was filled with a little street hockey, some staged fights for the crowd, some large pot holes, and an interview with KiKi on KRON-TV. Yup, he made us proud by, in a mere 15 seconds, mentioning on camera: 1. what/who we are, 2. our team name, 3. our website URL, and 4. that we are defending gold medalists. Impressive. Way to go Kiki.
      And the afternoon was filled with a great time at City Hall Plaza. Our booth was bustling and everyone was having a good time. A great crew from both teamscame out to staff the booth, mix and mingle, preach the gospel of hockey, and get the word out about us. It was a huge success.
      Then it was Third Eye Blind and En Vogue on the main stage. Never gonna get it never gonna get it, never gonna get it never gonna get it, never gonna get it never gonna get it, never get it. Wooo woooo wooo WOOOO.
      We're looking forward to the fruits of our weekend "labor" coming to fruition as we go into the coming months. With the starting of a third team over in Oakland, we're hoping Pride will springboard us into success in the days, weeks, and months ahead. We've already had numerous people contact us after seeing us at Pride, and it's only Monday!


May 9th, 2005 - After a 15 year hiatus from the ice, Brett R. made his debut with the Quakes Deux.during Wednesday's victory over the Blowholes. Rusty? A little bit. Good? Definitely.
    In fact, the referee made a scouting report to Andre, the league manager, and said that the Earthquakes had 5 "ringers" on the ice-- and Brett was the only one mentioned specifically, Andre said, "The tall guy on defense?" Nice job Brett.
    And congratulations on getting your first points for the Deux also with an amazing goal in the first. And rounding out the game with an amazing penalty in the third. Great playing and welcome to the team. We'll psyched to have you with us.


    May 2nd, 2005 - In a wonderful early season twist of fate, both the SFQuakes and the Oakland Quakes Deux are at the top of their league standings. This is a first in Quakes Hockey Club history and we're all bathing in the joy that is this remarkable fun fact*.

*SFQuake are technically in a four-way tie for first and the Quakes Deux are technically in a pre-season eight-way tie with all teams having no points.


     August 30, 2004 - In what was reported almost two weeks ago as a flawless ACL replacement surgery for Earthquakes defenseman Blake H. is now being looked at as a classic case of mistaken identity. And one that has unfortunate side effects.
     Before being released from the surgical hospital in Palo Alto on August 16th, Blake H. was assured by all surgical team members that his ACL allograph replacement surgery went "flawlessly".      There was no meniscus damage and the new ligament - harvested from what Blake thought was a dead gay man - fit perfectly and no unnecessary orthotropic incisions were needed. Recovery would be right on track due to what was thought at the time to be a surgery free of complications.
     Yet after almost two weeks after having his surgery, Blake knew something was wrong with his knee. Although the inflammation had gone down and his flexibility had increased, something was not right.
     "Everything was going great" says Blake H., "I was icing my knee, making sure my range of motion was increasing with every day, and hanging out a lot with my good friend Vicky Vicodin. She's so nice." Yet Blake felt something was amiss, "Although everything was going right, I felt something as wrong. I guess it started when I was watching the Olympic women's beach volleyball coverage. My knee would swell. It was weird. Then the coverage would switch to men's gymnastics and the swelling would subside. It was odd." Apparently this happened repeatedly. "It got really bad when I was watching MTV's Music video Awards and Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra kissed on stage. I thought my knee was going to explode. The pain was unbearable. I quickly changed the channel to Meet The Press on NBC and the swelling was gone." After such incidents Blake decided to head back to his Dr.
     It was at this Dr. appointment that, after a myriad of tests and questions, it was determined that Blake had in fact received a ligament from a straight man, not a gay man as he originally was told. The Drs. quickly put him on medications to help prevent his body from rejecting the straight ligament. The next few weeks will be crucial in Blake's recovery and his body's ability to accept the new foreign ligament.
     "I feel pretty good. I mean, I'm an accepting type guy, and just because my knee is straight doesn't mean I am going to turn my back on it. I mean, it's my own. I've known it its entire life. I've watched it grow. No matter what, I will always love my knee, even if it is straight. I know my knees will get along with each other. It won't be a problem."
      Although Blake knows he can't change his knee, he looks forward to his knees educating each other on their differences and celebrating their similarities. He knows his performance on the ice will not suffer and he looks forward to getting back on the ice - even with his straight knee.


     August 20, 2004 - Nearly five months after an "incident" during a game with the SFQuakes, defensemen Blake H. found himself going under the knife.
     Blake had been diagnosed with a partially torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament. For months Blake had to risk his shin bone sliding under his thigh bone and any given moment. It was unpleasent. But earlier this week he began his long journey on the road to recovery and his journey back to playing with the Earthquakes.
     Having met with the top surgeons in the bay area, Blake decided to have Dr. Colin Eakin of Palo Alto perform the surgery. He had great confidence in Dr. Eakin and was eager to get healthy. After having consulted with Dr. Eakin about his surgical options, Blake decided to have an allograft (his ACL replaced with a ligament harvested from a cadaver). Blake asked his doctor if he could find a ligament from an athletic, attractive, young, dead, gay man. He said he would do everything he could to make that dream come true, but made no promises.
     Blake's surgery went flawlessly. He is currently resting comfortably at his brother's home in Palo Alto, CA where he is being waited on hand and foot. He hopes to return to playing with the Earthquakes in the spring and until then will be cheering from the sidelines and doing a lot of physical therapy.


    June 27, 2004 -
Another Pride hit San Francisco which means that the Earthquakes hit the streets.
    From walking/blading in the parade to preaching the gospel of the Quakes at our booth at the celebration at city hall, the Quakes were out in full force and having a great time. We met tons of folks, hung out in the sun
, and enjoyed the Pride shenanigans that ensue around us every year. If you missed us at Pride, come on out and watch a game or contact us about playing with us!
    More photos to be posted soon.


July 1, 2004 - In an upsetting turn of events for the Earthquakes Hockey Club, Jim N. has been drafted by the Palm Springs Unified School District.
    "I'm shocked at the news. I mean, Jim has been a part of this team for years. I don't know what we are going to do without him", said SFQuakes team captain Mike K. "I mean, who is going to fill that guy's skates?"
    The rest of Jim's team had similar sentiments, "Who will be our ringer?" said John H., one of the two Earthquakes founders. "We'll have to use our draft picks very wisely but no one can replace him."
    Jim has promised to make tournament appearances with the Earthquakes and join the team in San Francisco whenever possible. He will truly be missed by his team but they hope that he will be on the ice in Palm Springs. We wish him the best of luck.


       "I do, cherish you, from the depths of my soul, it's
        beyond my control, I've waited so long, to say this
        to you, if you're asking do I love you this much, I do."
                                - 98 Degrees
featuring Nick Lachay

    June 10, 2004 - They say you only find true love once. Well, tonight I fell in love all over again. It happened so fast, so unexpected. Yet, as I look back, I should have seen it coming.
     It was a warm spring night as the SFQuakes took on the Panteras. It was a battle of wits, a battle of inner strength, a battle....for my heart.
     We had grown apart recently. It was me, not my love. I had grown...changed...drifted. Sure, we talked on the phone every-so-often, but it wasn't the same. But that all changed Thursday.
     My love was down, but came back to win...not only the game, but my heart too. The team had fallen behind in the first, but was quick to even the score. The second saw the team down again, but in a fit of love-filled passion, they scored two quick goals - roughly a minute apart. The lead was short lived as the Panteras tied things up and took the game to overtime.
     A three minute overtime.
     And here is where my heart was filled again. Only a minute and nine second into overtime love was sparked anew as the SFQuakes scored again and took the win.
    I openly wept.
    I encourage you to find love again. Maybe next Thursday would be a good day to do that. Maybe the Thursday after that.
    Full stats on the game will be posted soon.
    Until next Thursday, I will miss you my love, but think of you often. I hope you think of me.


April 16, 2004 - In a desire to show his true passion for his hockey team, SFQuakes defenseman David B. took a huge step this week and went to the San Francisco Department of Motor Vehicles.
"I thought to myself, there is no better way for a gay man to show his support for his hockey team than through vanity plates". David B. reportedly waited in line at the Fell St. DMV for over three hours. When it was finally his turn David blanked on what he wanted his vanity plate to say. "I was like a deer in headlights. I gathered my thoughts and asked for QUAKES1 but it was taken. Then I asked for QUACES1 but that was taken too. So was KWAKES1 and HMOHOKE". David finally ended up on
QAKSRUL. "I couldn't be more happy with my choice. These plates are going to look totally hockey bad-ass on my red Honda Del Sol".


Watch as our own Kieran has a bit of a run-in with a rather large man out on the ice.
requires Quicktime plug-in.

(off the ice)

April 12, 2004 - The Quakes' recent trip to Vancouver was filled with good times, good friends, good weather, good food - and hockey.
The team took Vancouver by force hitting the local watering holes, the local restaurants, the local "social clubs" - and also playing hockey.
John bought a CCM warmup, Jerry, Mike, and S.R. Bob ate Caribou, Kieran gave the team Easter Eggs, Carl got loopy - and there was hockey.
Needless to say the memories from the trip will be long lasting. Vancouver truly put its best foot forward this weekend and welcomed the team with open arms. The Quakes looks forward to their next tournament travels and the shenanigans that ensue around it - and the hockey
For full results you can click here.


In addition to the bronze medals the Quakes team proudly received in Vancouver, one of their own teammates was individually honored for his level of play.
Goalie Jerry M. was voted Best Goalie in the Rec division by a panel of his peers. His incredible style of play, his ability to stop over 2,354 shots in one game (estimated), and his forever positive spirit on the ice made him the clear choice to receive the award. A shocked and surprised Jerry said he was honored but "want to dedicate this award to my team - they are the true winners of this award".


DENVER, CO April 8, 2004 - The Colorado Gay Ice Hockey Association (CGIHA) and the Los Angeles Blades Hockey Club today announced a joint four-year sponsorship agreement with Coors Brewing Company that establishes the Coors Cup, a new charitable gay ice hockey tournament. The Coors Cup becomes the first gay ice hockey tournament in North America with a major corporate title sponsor and the first such tournament to offer prize money that will be donated to each divisional champs charity of choice.
Full press release can be found here.


With the conclusion of the 2003 San Francisco fall season and the impending playoffs in Oakland, the Earthquakes want to take a moment to thank all those of you who have supported us this season and especially those who have been with us since our founding over seven years ago. It has been an incredible journey for gay hockey in the bay area and there is no way that the Bay Area Earthquakes Hockey Club would be where it is today if it weren't for the support of all the team members past and present, their friends, family, husbands/wives, girlfriends/boyfriends, and all the bay area gay hockey fans out there.
The SFQuakes just finished their best season ever going 13-2 during the regular season and seeded number one in the playoffs. They made it to the finals this season (that has only happened once before) and are proud of how well they have done. The Oakland Quakes Deux have just finished regular season play of their second season since their founding and are heading into the playoffs as we speak. They continue to improve, win more games, have a great time, make amazing friendships, and play great hockey.
The Bay Area Earthquakes Hockey Club has spread the word about gay athletes and gay hockey throughout the Bay Area over the years and is excited to continue to introduce hockey to more and more Northern Californians. We thank you all for your support and look forward to seeing you on the ice, in the stands, or at the Lone Star soon.


Feb 19th - With so much positivity flowing during - and after - the SFQuakes' huge first round playoff victory over the Chieftains, it came to great surprise that some were not so pleased with the way the evening unfolded. "They played a great game", said Hutch H. of Thursday nights game, "but I would be lying if I said I didn't want to see them struggle a bit more without me - you know - to make me feel needed. Couldn't they have won like 4-2 or something?". Hutch, who is out with an ankle injury, is joined in his sentiments by fellow injured player Blake H, "It really hurts my feelings that they would go and dominate so much out there tonight without me. I mean, they could have at least made it look like a little more of a struggle for them. It's like they don't need me or Hutch out there. It hurts that they would make me feel this way by utterly thrashing the Chieftains".
Capt. Mike K. was quick to come to the defense of both Hutch and Blake, "We couldn't have gotten to tonight's game without them. It was in their honor that we kicked so much Chieftain butt. They were incredibly missed on the ice tonight, as were Kieran and LD who were both out of town. We hope to have them all back soon. We need them". After hearing their Capt's comments, Hutch and Blake both seemed pacified and at ease. They both are expected to be unable to play in the second round playoff game next week but said they again would be in the stands and continuing to "be a factor" in the game whether on or off the ice.

There is nothing quite like a good hockey movie and a little time on the ice. So join us this Sunday Feb 15th for an outing to go see Miracle (critics give it a B-, but I give stand-out newcomer Patrick O'Brien Demsey an A+). It's the story of the US Olympic Hockey Team's amazing run for a medal at the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid. After the flick, in our heightened hockey state, we'll head over to the Oakland Ice Center for a little ice time as we get everyone together (both teams and anyone who wants to come out and skate with us) for some drills and practice on the ice. It'll be a fun way to spend your Sunday afternoon, so come join us! Contact us and we'll give you the full details.


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