Faultline Adult Hockey League follows the guidelines of USA Hockey. As such, we are bound by the USA Hockey Official Playing Rules. The Faultline Adult Hockey League has made some very minor revisions, as noted below, which do not alter the safety of the game but rather address other issues.

The FAHL is a non-check league, but ice hockey is a contact sport.
All players in FAHL must be at least eighteen (18) years of age upon registration to be eligible to play.
Full slap-shots are allowed in all divisions unless otherwise specified by the Hockey Director.
Icing: Red-Line Icing

Deportment: Needless to say, FAHL expects each player to act in an adult-like manner at every FAHL event. Any player unable to control their conduct will not be allowed further access to play in FAHL. This includes behavior both on and off the ice, upon entrance and until exiting from the rink.

Dressing: All rinks require players to change in designated locker rooms. We cannot condone having players dress (or undress) in the lobby of the rink. Please use locker rooms provided. Locker room keys are checked out to a player on each team by turning in their Car Keys or Drivers License at the front desk/Pro shop.

Cleanliness: Simply put, please pick up after yourselves on the bench (water bottles, broken sticks, etc.) and in the locker rooms. Throw used tape and any other garbage in the trash bins.
Alcohol: Alcohol is prohibited in the Yerba Buena Ice Skating Center!

Any player whose check defaults will be ineligible to play in the FAHL until the situation is rectified. A $25.00 penalty will be issued for any returned check and that person will be put on a “cash or charge only” payment arrangement for the remainder of his/her membership with FAHL

Team sign up: It is the responsibility of the Team Rep/Captain to establish and maintain a full roster. Please advise your team members that the Yerba Buena Ice Skating Center does not provide refunds. FAHL will endeavor, in good faith, to fill the vacated position resulting in the individual or team dropping out. We cannot, however, promise that we will be able to fill the vacancy.

Rosters may have a maximum of 18 players and that’s not including the goalkeeper.

The League Director(s) may release any player on a team if it is determined that doing so is in the best interest of the League.

Absolutely no skater will be allowed on the ice without ISI Hockey membership and proper FAHL registration. Should a team be found using an ineligible player, appropriate penalties will be levied.

Multiple Teams: Players may, upon FAHL approval and subject to all other rules, be on the roster of more than one team in FAHL, but may not be on the roster of more than one team in any one division. If a player’s name should be on more than one roster in any one division, that player will be asked to make a decision as to which team he/she would like to be a member. If a player has already played, they will be determined to be on the roster of the team for which they played first. If a player is playing in two divisions, they can only play in the division directly above or below, as they would also be considered a ringer if playing down a division. (See ringer rule below)

Roster Freeze: Final rosters must be submitted by the 4th Game to Hockey Director. All rosters will be considered frozen after Game 4.

All players must be on the team roster and have played a minimum of 4 games to be eligible to play in the play-offs.

Ringer Rule: Each team will have 2 players on the roster that are of “C” division caliber. All captains will be notified by email of each Ringer in their division and players will be put on the message board on sportability. They are only allowed 2 goals per game, if 3rd goal is scored it will be called back & player will be penalized at Officials discretion. Captains are welcome to appeal a player during the season in which they believe should be a Ringer. This must be done with the written notification to the Hockey Director.

Each team must have at least one registered goalie on their roster. A non-roster goalie may be used if the roster goalie cannot play, but the substitute must be ISI (Ice Skating Institute registered and the captain of the opposition must approve (to be designated on the score sheet). If both conditions are met, the game stands as played even if the other team protests after the game.

Note: The League encourages general approval of this clause.
A game may be played if one team does not have a goalie. The team without a goalie can skate with six skaters. These players do not have goalkeeper privileges (cover the puck in the crease). Neither team may take snapshots (where the stick is raised above the waist).

All injuries resulting from play must be reported to the Hockey Director within 24 hours to comply with ISI Hockey membership guidelines.

All players must wear team-coordinated jerseys with attached numbers on the back.
All players must have matching jerseys by the forth game of the season.

All players in all divisions must wear the following ice hockey equipment:
1. H.E.C.C. approved helmet
2. Elbow pads
3. Knee pads/shin guards
4. Protective cup or pelvic protector
5. Hockey gloves
6. Hockey pants or girdle
7. Hockey skates

NOTE: any alterations made to a H.E.C.C. approved helmet will void your ISI Hockey liability policy.

As set forth by the USA Hockey Official Playing Rules, each and every player must wear a full complement of equipment. No player will be allowed to play without a full complement of equipment. There are serious liability issues in allowing players to participate with less than full equipment. Please do not put the Referees and FAHL into the position of having to remove a player from the game for an equipment violation. Teams are encouraged to bring some extra equipment to each game so that players forgetting some equipment may still participate.

Certified protective head gear is required with fastened, regulation strap. The lightweight JOFA helmet is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Any player failing to comply with the helmet protection guideline will not be allowed on the ice. Painted Helmets are also not allowed, as the paint weakens the plastic in the helmet itself.

Shoulder pads are recommended. Players are also encouraged to wear a full H.E.C.C. face shield.

Goalkeepers Equipment: As set for by the USA Hockey Official Playing Rules, all goalkeepers must wear a full complement of equipment, including a H.E.C.C. approved form fitted face mask. All form fitted masks must have a back skull plate.

The scorekeeper is an off-ice official and may assist the referees in declaring assists and penalties.
Any abuse, verbal or physical, or uncooperative attitude toward any league official will cause a player to be suspended. All USA Hockey rules regarding abuse of officials will be enforced by Faultline officials. “ ZERO Tolerance”

For regular season games, all levels will utilize the following format:
• 5 minute warm up.
• Three (3) periods, fifteen (15) minute stop time.
• Each team is allowed one 30 second time-out.
• A one (1) minute break between periods will be in effect (except before overtime).
• Games are curfewed at one hour and fifteen minutes.

In the event of a tie, a five minute running time, sudden death overtime period will be played (the last minute will be stop time) if time remains under the curfew. It is the decision of the referees and scorekeeper as to whether or not sufficient time remains to play overtime. The decision is final. (Make sure that the captain/s bring it to reffs attention as they know this)

All penalties called during running time will be three (3) minutes in duration, starting upon dropping the puck for the ensuing face-off. If a penalty expires during a stoppage of play, the player must wait until the puck is dropped before exiting the penalty box.

No time- outs may be called during a running time situation, including the last minute when stopped time resumes.
If, during the regular season, a game is tied at the end of overtime, the game shall remain a tie. Each team receives one point in the league standings.

If a 10 goal margin exists at any time after the 10 minute mark of the third period, the mercy rule will be in effect and there will not be stop time. This remains consistent until the end of the game even if the margin decreases from 10.
No time outs are allowed during the last 10 minutes if the mercy rule is in effect.

In the event of an extraordinary time-consuming delay where the clock is stopped -i.e. injury, ice maintenance, etc. -the score keeper and referees shall have the authority to run the clock on running time for the balance of the game should the arena ice schedule seriously compromised.

Should two teams finish tied in the standings, the following tie-breaking procedure will be implemented to determine the higher standing:
• Teams with the fewest forfeits.
• Most wins
• Superior head-to-head record based on points
• Superior head-to-head record based on goal differential
• Superior league goal differential
• The team with the fewest penalty minutes

Play off games will utilize the same three period format as in the regular season. Should a play-off game be tied at the end of regulation time, 5 minute stop time sudden death overtime period will be in effect. Should the game be tied at the end of the overtime period, a five player shoot-out will be implemented to break the tie. If the game is still tied, a one-by-one shoot out will take place until a winner is determined.

• 1st Fight: player receives a major penalty, automatic game misconduct, minimum one game suspension.
• 2nd Fight: minimum two game suspension.
• 3rd Fight: automatic season suspension pending review by Faultline.
2. ICING - Red line icing applies
3. TWO LINE PASSES - There will be no stoppage of play for any 2-line pass
A major game misconduct penalty shall be imposed on a player who deliberately trips an opponent by stick or “sweeping action” with skates from the blindside.
Unlike the NHL, penalties called at the same time to both teams will, in effect, cancel each other with no reduction in manpower. The penalized players will be required to serve their entire penalty time and must wait for the stoppage in play before being allowed back on the ice.
A player who intervenes in an altercation shall receive a game ejection. All third man penalties shall be reviewed by Faultline to determine if a suspension is warranted. BE advised that fighting penalties do not have to be called for a player to be assessed a third man penalty.
• Ten minute misconduct: No suspension
• Game misconduct (ejection from game and ten minutes on the score sheet): One game suspension
• Gross misconduct (ejection from the game and ten minutes on the score sheet): minimum 2 game suspension from the division in which the action occurred, and Faultline review.
• Match Penalty (ejection from the game and ten minutes on the score sheet): minimum 4 game suspension, subject to Faultline review.
8. ADDITIONAL PENALTIES - All intentional injury provoking actions will be penalized severely!!!
• Match Intent to Injure: Minimum 4 game suspension and Faultline review
• Match Deliberate Injury: Indefinite suspension and Faultline review
• Major Butt-End: Game misconduct, 2 game suspension
• Major Cross-Checking: Game misconduct, 2 game suspension
• Major High-Sticking: Game misconduct, 1 game suspension, Faultline review
• Major Slashing: Game misconduct, 2 game suspension
• Major Spearing: Game misconduct, 2 game suspension
• Major Boarding: Game misconduct, 2 game suspension
• Major Charging: Game misconduct, 2 game suspension
• Major Kneeing: Game misconduct, 2 game suspension
• Major Roughing: Game misconduct, 2 game suspension
• Major Checking from Behind: Game misconduct, 2 game suspension
• Major Elbowing: Game misconduct, 2 game suspension
• Major Head Butting: Game misconduct, 2 game suspension and subject to Faultline review
• Attempted Head Butt: Double minor
• Racial and Sexual Slurs: Racial and sexual slurs will NOT be tolerated in the Faultline Hockey League. Any player guilty of such will be assessed a game misconduct, 10 minutes on the score sheet, a one game suspension, and Faultline review.
• Obscene Gestures: Any player guilty of such will be assessed a games misconduct, 10 minutes on the score sheet, a one game suspension, and Faultline review
• Physical abuse of Official: Game misconduct, 2 game suspension, and Faultline review
• Appeals: All appeals must be submitted in writing to the Faultline Hockey Director. Changes to the above stated rules or previous decisions of the proper authorities shall be made only if it can be proven that a mistake as to fact of reasonableness was made.
It is the responsibility of the Captain and player to see to it that any player who is under suspension does not play. It is not the responsibility of FAHL to notify the captain or player of a suspension. All suspendable infractions are clearly set forth in the USA Hockey Official Playing Rules and in this guide. Often, FAHL will provide the Captain with a courtesy call as a reminder of a suspension, but this is not a pre-requisite of a suspension. FAHL will contact a Captain regarding a suspension if there is more than one game involved.
Any player attempting to play while on suspension may cause his/her team to lose by forfeiture, as determined by Faultline Officials. Suspended players are not allowed to sit or stand behind his/her team’s bench during a Faultline game.
All protests regarding player eligibility (e.g. non-roster and suspended players) must be made to the referee while the game is in progress. The referee will note the protest on the score sheet and the league will take the appropriate action following the game. The ultimate decision regarding player eligibility rest with the Hockey Director.
Team captains may protest the interpretation of any rule by the referee but not the judgment of the referee. A protest must be made to the referee prior to the commencement of play following the protested action. Protests must be submitted in writing to the Hockey Director within 24 hours of the game.
Supplementary discipline
In addition to the suspensions previously outlined in these rules, the Hockey Director may, at his or her discretion, investigate any incident that occurs in connection with the League. The Director may assess additional restrictions, suspensions and/or exclusions for any offense committed during the course of a season regardless of whether such offense was penalized by the referee.

Mike Donnelly
Hockey Director
Yerba Buena Ice Skating Center